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Megapump - Solids Handling Pumps Australia

With solids handling capabilities of up to 120mm and indefinite dry running ability, the Megapump solids handling range of vortex pumps has formed the foundation upon which Eneraque’s reputation has been built. And is the leading solids handling pumps on the market

The solid handling pump series is capable of pumping larger solids than any other pump available, with sizes range from 100mm to 300mm with solids handling capabilities up to 120mm.

The environmental friendly range with a unique self-priming diaphragm air pump system, together with an oil immersed mechanical seal, enable them to operate in the most arduous of circumstances encountered in the construction, mining and municipal industries.

The solids handling pumps in Australia offer unequalled performance in effluent disposal, sewerage bypass, and drilling in mud and slurry handling. The pumps are available with a choice of builds having a wide range of both engine and chassis options. Super Silent versions are also available with noise levels from as low as 62db (A).

Features / Benefits

  • Solids Handling – world renown design and built for diverse solids applications.
  • Unique self-riming allows easy priming of pumps.
  • Environmentally friendly – no oil emulsification discharged to atmosphere.
  • Indefinite dry running – no person required to watch suction liquid level.
  • Oil immersed mechanical seal – assist the dry running capabilities of the pump.


  • Acoustic enclosures – enables the pumps to be utilized into residential area where dB ratings can be achieved as low as to 62dB @7metres.
  • MDG15 compliance.
  • Variety of trailer mounted options.
  • Automatic start/stop control.
  • Float level control.
  • GPS and locator.

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