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10 Oct 2012

Eneraque - the force in the power, water, energy and lighting industries.

SE Power along with its sister companies, Energen Solutions and Swift Rentals have been servicing the mining, civil, electrical and utilities markets across Australasia since 1981. 

Rapid growth in recent years along with our increasing market expansion has allowed us to combine the three companies to unify under one name – Eneraque - to be a consolidated force in the power, water, energy and lighting industries.

As the three companies have combined to form a larger, more comprehensive company, we - as Eneraque - promise to;
  • Continue to provide the same quality of products and superior customer service and after sales care that you have experienced for the last 31 years.
  • Continue to maintain and service the products we provide with the same dedication that has allowed us to get to where we are today.
  • Provide you with greater access to expertise in global resources, personnel experiences, product capabilities and industry knowledge by the means of our affiliated companies across Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe and;
  • Apply our experience, ingenuity, and intelligence to create sustainable solutions for the industry.
We at Eneraque are looking forward to delivering effective and robust solutions that suit and serve your needs and values.

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