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23 Feb 2017

Eneraque Global Expansion to Jamaica & the Caribbean

Eneraque is proud to announce the latest global expansion of our products throughout Jamaica and across the Caribbean Islands, with our excellent new global suppliers at Cesco Limited. 

Our new global supplier Cesco Limited have provided a comprehensive range of energy management solutions throughout Jamaica and across many Caribbean Islands for up to 49 years.

As a recognised leader in specialised power generation and energy solutions, Eneraque maintains our commitment to conversing your future through maximum utilisation of sustainable energy, offering total turnkey energy solutions for greenfield, brownfield and all commercial and industrial sites.

The Eneraque team can offer a wide range of services, ranging from the assessment of your requirements, design and drafting, engineering for electrical, mechanical and structural designs, manufacturing, on-site commissioning, operation, maintenance, training and on-going support. 

The great benefit or dealing with Eneraque is that all these services are offered in-house through our own dedicated professional team members. 

Our innovative solutions and commitment to customer experience make us a trusted global brand. 

Please call us anytime on 1800 636 744 or +617 3434 3500; or email us at sales@eneraque.com for all your enquiries.

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