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12 Oct 2017

880kVA Standby Generator Installation | Brisbane City Rooftop

Eneraque was contracted to administer the complete turnkey design, supply, installation and commissioning of 2 X 880kVA standby silenced diesel generators including a balance of plant items which included the below:

1) Supply and installation of 1 X 10,000 litre underground diesel tank. 2) Diesel fuel pump skid complete with duty/standby pumps and filtration. 3) Diesel fuel pipe work from the underground tank and up 15 levels to where the generators are positioned. 4) PLC control system.

Eneraque is the number one choice in offering turnkey solutions for our clients in the Oceania region.

Contact Jeremy Pringle for any further project or product details related to this project.

Reach out to our friendly sales or engineering team on sales@eneraque.com or 1800 636 744, at anytime.

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