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10 Aug 2017

Brisbane City Views From Level 41, Sky Tower Project


Good morning, Brisbane!


Enjoy the gorgeous views of our city, courtesy of the Brisbane Sky Tower Project and our Eneraque team - taken from Level 41.
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Have a great weekend.


10 Aug 2017

On-Site Client Inspections in VIC


Spotted in VIC by the Eneraque team - x 2 quality Eneraque Standby Generators on-site providing reliable assurance of power, for a premium apartment building and for the brand new state of the art CMV Truck & Bus Dealership.
Thanks Oliver for the share!
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03 Aug 2017

Sneak Peek: August Projects


Here's a sneak peek of one of our August Projects at the Eneraque workshop, showcasing this pair of quality Eneraque open-set generators in their final stages.

Featuring x1 large open-set generator fitted with Cummins engines plus Stamford alternators and x1 smaller unit fitted with a Volvo engine and UCDI274K alternator, both units also include redundant starting and battery systems, with Deep Sea 7320 controllers.

Thanks Euan and Daniel for the project share. 

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03 Aug 2017

Premium Melbourne Hotel Standby Power


Snapped by Oliver Watt on-site in VIC:

Another quality Eneraque standby generator providing reliable assurance of power to a premium hotel in Melbourne's Docklands.

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27 Jul 2017

Behind The Scenes - At The Workshop

Happy Friday! Some behind the scenes snaps of quality Eneraque standby generators in their final stages at the Eneraque workshop.

Featuring x1 650kVA Standby Generator and x1 500kVA Standby Generator, getting ready for delivery to their final destinations in Canberra and Shepparton to supply critical backup.

Cheers Daniel, Euan and Steve for the great work and images.

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27 Jul 2017

Brisbane Sky Tower Unit 2 Delivery

Enjoy the view of Brisbane’s beautiful city from Level 41 at the Brisbane Sky Tower, along with our on-site generator lift shots.

Taken earlier this week, the Eneraque team installed the building's second skytower unit - x1 1100kVA MTU Standby Generator.

Thanks Noel for the project share.

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21 Jul 2017

Another Happy Client Testimonial

Happy clients make the job all the worth while. Another happy customer testimonial received at our offices.

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Diesel Generator On-Site.'Hi Daniel,

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Eneraque Generators.

We have purchased three generators from Eneraque in the past year.

To date all three generators have operated very reliably.

The generators’ commissioning went seamlessly due to the experienced Commissioning Engineer provided by Eneraque.

The onsite training provided was thorough and well complemented by the comprehensive training manuals provided.

Feedback from Operational Staff has been very positive with reference to the Control Panels “ease of navigation”, diagnostics and system information available.

Our mechanical fitters have made comment that the equipment has been easy to maintain due to the equipment accessibility.

Overall we are very pleased with the price, procurement and operation of our Eneraque Generators.


Senior Electrical Engineer, Local QLD Government Authority

21 Jul 2017

From Crated to Inflated - Wollongong Gas Holder Installation


Gas Holder On-Site 3-Image series Being Inflated with Sunset.From crated to inflated in 48 hours - here's a sneak peek at a finished Eneraque Gasholder installation at the Wollongong WRP, in NSW.

Eneraque delivered a complete turnkey solution from start to completion, taking care of the manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

Credit to our great Project Manager Noel for the great photos.

Project details to come soon - subscribe to our e-mail newsletters to find out more: https://lnkd.in/gCuYWTp


04 Jul 2017

Waterstand Automation System to Remote Island Mine

On the highly remote mine on an island off the coast of Northern Australia, one of Eneraque’s valued clients approached Eneraque for a solution to address multiple issues they were having with the existing manual operation system of their Waterstands.

With dust control one of the key environmental responsibilities of the mine operation the current set up was creating multiple issues including:

- Excessive fuel usage due to generator driven electric pumps running 24/7.

- Long water truck refilling times due to operator being unable to turn on the diesel booster pump from the waterstand location.

- OH&S risk to operators due to poor lighting of manual valve area at night.

- Security/Safety risk to operators due to having to get out of their vehicles in an un-monitored area at night.

- Excessive maintenance costs of generators and pumps due to unnecessary operation.

Eneraque designed, manufactured, and installed onsite a radio controlled ‘one-touch’ Waterstand Automation System that started all the pumps on each waterstand circuit and opened the waterstand valve from the cab of the water truck; then a simple ‘one-touch’ shutdown sequence.
The entire system is solar powered with battery backup allowing continuous operation of the Waterstand Automation System delivering solutions to all of the existing issues:
  1. Diesel generator driving the electric pumps is started/stopped on command, and the electric pumps start/stop in sequence allowing the generator to only run when required.
  2. Water truck filling times reduced by starting the diesel booster pump in sequence vastly increasing flow.
  3. OH&S issues removed by allowing operator to remain in cab at all times.
  4. Security/Safety risk to operators reduced by allowing operator to remain in cab at all times.
  5. Maintenance costs are reduced due to mechanical elements of the system only running when water trucks need filling.

Waterstand Automation Project Images in a Collage.

Another excellent Eneraque project that provides fuel costs savings, extends the life of the assets and reduced the service budget as the time between services is extended.
For optimal cost-savings and smart mining efficiency solutions, contact our friendly team at Eneraque today.


30 Jun 2017

Solids Handling Pump Delivery


On-Site Solids Handling Pump.Another quality Eneraque Pty Ltd Solids Handling Pump in a horizontal drilling application using the market leading Selwood Ltd S150 pump coupled to a Hatz Silentpack engine.

With an environmentally friendly heavy duty bunded skid base and single point lift, this quality Australian manufactured pump is built to perform.

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