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18 Oct 2017

High Pressure Vent Stack for CSG Application


Over the last week, an Eneraque manufactured High-Pressure Vent Stack for a Coal Seam Gas application was installed in a remote field in Tipton, Queensland.

This carbon steel Vent Stack, supplied with stainless-steel tip and stainless-steel guy wires was fully designed and engineered with RPEQ design certification to ASME B31.3 / API 521 and an acoustic performance rating of 85dBA (at sterile radius).

Well done, Eneraque team!

For more details on this project, please contact Noel Rosario.

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16 Oct 2017

Special Limited Offer New Premium Generator

12 Oct 2017

880kVA Standby Generator Installation | Brisbane City Rooftop

Eneraque was contracted to administer the complete turnkey design, supply, installation and commissioning of 2 X 880kVA standby silenced diesel generators including a balance of plant items which included the below:

1) Supply and installation of 1 X 10,000 litre underground diesel tank. 2) Diesel fuel pump skid complete with duty/standby pumps and filtration. 3) Diesel fuel pipe work from the underground tank and up 15 levels to where the generators are positioned. 4) PLC control system.

Eneraque is the number one choice in offering turnkey solutions for our clients in the Oceania region.

Contact Jeremy Pringle for any further project or product details related to this project.

Reach out to our friendly sales or engineering team on sales@eneraque.com or 1800 636 744, at anytime.

06 Oct 2017

Hazardous Area Compliant 2.5 - 8.5MMSCFD Skid Mounted Pilot Flare


Prepared and ready at the Eneraque workshop for delivery to a large remote site in Queensland, these fully automated, Hazardous Area compliant skid mounted flares are built for the CSG industry, ideal for reliable pilot and dewatering applications.

For further project and product details, please contact Noel Rosario or speak with our friendly support team today at sales@eneraque.com or 1800 636 744.



04 Oct 2017

1000kVA Prime Power Standby Generator in Hamilton, Waikato

On-site in New Zealand, the Eneraque NZ team delivers another quality 1000kVA Prime Power Standby Generator in Hamilton, Waikato.

This October project entails an Ultra Silent 65dbA ISO 20' container, a fuel tank, diesel fuel pipework and a custom-fabricated stainless steel exhaust system.

Great job, Eneraque NZ!

For more project details, please speak to Warren Petrie or David Pinker.

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29 Sep 2017

Queen's Birthday Long Weekend | Office Closures

We wish you a wonderful long weekend, from all of us at Eneraque.

Our offices will remain closed over the Queen's Birthday long weekend including Monday, 2nd October, and will reopen on Tuesday, 3rd October.

For all enquiries, please email sales@eneraque.com or visit eneraque.com.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend!

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28 Sep 2017

550kVA Super Silenced Volvo Generator Critical Power


Another quality 550kVA Super Silenced Volvo Generator in transportation to provide critical power backup for a downtown Brisbane health care facility.

Excellent job, Eneraque team!

For more project details, please speak to Daniel Rowland.

Our friendly team are happy to help you with all your power generation requirements, get in touch today via sales@ eneraque.com or 1800 636 744.


22 Sep 2017

Submersible Heavy-Duty Solids Handling Pump Delivery


This week, the Eneraque workshop prepared these heavy-duty electric submersible bentonite pumps prepared with protective frames for drilling application to an iron ore mine in Western Australia.

These quality pumps were fitted with a class H 90kW 400V Electric Motor, 50m electric power cable and high depth kit, fitted to seals to allow 50m immersion.

For further project details, please contact Oliver Watt.

Speak with us today at sales@eneraque.com or 1800 636 744 for support on all your project requirements.


21 Sep 2017

Volvo Euro Stage 3 Engine Powered Generators

Snapped by our team on-site in NSW, Eneraquerecently traveled to x3 sites to assist in servicing an NSW town for water and sewage treatment.

From a sewage treatment plant, a sewage pump station and a water treatment plant, our team installed x2 400kVA and x1 170kVA Volvo Euro Stage 3 engine-powered generators for reduced emissions.

For more project details, please contact Jonathan Pringle.

To get started on your next power generation project, speak with us today at sales@eneraque.com or 1800 636 744. To see more of our latest news, visit us online: eneraque.com

15 Sep 2017

Behind The Scenes | Workshop Feature


Happy Friday!

Behind the scenes at the Eneraque workshop this week, our team completed and delivered x3 Volvo Penta powered generators to NSW Council for a waste water treatment plant.

For more details about this power generation project, please get in touch with Daniel Rowland.

Speak to our friendly team today at 1800 636 744 or sales@eneraque.com for all your power generation requirements.