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Premium Lighting Solutions For SALE and HIRE - Australia Wide

Wide Range of mobile lighting for tough Aussie conditions

  • Megaled
  • Metrolite
  • Midnitelite Mobile
  • Midnitelite Skid

Midnitelite skid and mobile lighting towers provide a powerful, safe and effective solution for even the toughest industrial and mine lighting challenges.

These heavy-duty, mobile lighting solutions are suitable for harsh conditions including:

  • Building & Construction
  • Roadworks & Rural Developments
  • Mining Sites

Powerful, safe and effective solution for even the toughest industrial lighting challenges

  • Mobile and portable options available
  • Simple, single operator use
  • LED lighting options available
  • Versatile and easily manoeuvrable

All Midnitelite products built in Australia for specific conditions

With more than 30 years of company experience, we’re proud to offer the highest standard. Eneraque’s range of Midnitelite portable lighting solutions are tailored to fit your application 100%.
Designed to be a cost-effective and versatile solution to your lighting needs, these products are:

  • Built using quality componentry & materials for robust longevity
  • Manufactured to conform to the highest Australian standards
  • Engineered for environmental sustainability

Trained technicians providing FULL after sales servicing & support

Buy Eneraque’s superior Midnitelite & receive the highest quality after sales support & servicing:

  • Australian trained and based technicians on call
  • Option of 24 hour rotary style call up time, or 4-6 hour service response time
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