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The need for cleaning the biogas for H2S

The biogas is utilised most efficiently in gas engines with generators, as they can produce approximately four times more electricity than traditional boiler steam turbines. For many biogas plants, efficient H2S biogas scrubbing is essential for economical operation.

The content of H2S in the raw biogas depends on both the organic waste product and the preceding production process. Typically, the H2S will be in the range from 0.1% to 5.0% (1.000-50.000ppm). Under combustion the H2S will convert into sulphuric acid (H2SO4) which will lead to severe corrosion of gas engine and auxiliary equipment. The corrosion will literally reduce the gas engines lifetime by years! Furthermore, income will be lost during overhauls and break down repairs.

On top of that there will be substantial expenditures for repairs and frequent oil changes. This is why the leading gas engine manufacturers – as condition for providing full warranty on the engines – request that H2S in the clean gas must not exceed 250 ppm. However, where required, Eneraque can reduce the H2S content to significantly lower values.

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